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Whole 30 Day 3 - Gone Fishin'

Well, Day 4 is here, so it's time for a review of Day 3.  And a good day it was!

Started off with my normal breakfast of sardines - a bit earlier than on Day 2, and that helped a bit in warding off the cravings.  Notice I said cravings.  I don't think it's actual hunger any more, but rather a sugar craving that I'd developed in my loosey-goosey days leading up to this Whole30.  So I'm just going to have to power through this a bit.  

Lunch was leftovers from Day 2 dinner - thick cut pasture-raised pork chop and roasted sweet potato.  I also picked up some pink Himalayan salt to put on food here at work, as that stuff is tasty and full of good nutrients.  It's also got a picture of Rachel Ray on it.  KNOW YOUR ENEMY!  

Kidding.  Sort of. 

This is my horn, and I'm tooting it.  
Dinner was a near master-work, if I may toot my own horn a bit.  After school, I took my son down to our local supermarket (have I mentioned my neighborhood before?  LOTS of stuff in walking distance) and picked up some wild-caught salmon (which was surprisingly not that much more expensive than the farm-raised stuff and totally worth the extra couple bucks), some green beans, and a couple other things.  

We had the salmon baked in the oven with some marjoram and thyme on them, and I cooked up a green bean recipe that I got from Fast Paleo (check it out: Ginger Green Beans).  I did them in our cast-iron skillet, which we unfortunately do not have a top for, so I had to improvise a bit with that.  So the steam wasn't trapped very well in the skillet and they took slightly longer to cook... but they were still delish.  

Add to that a spring mix salad with balsamic vinaigrette that I whipped up from a recipe in The Primal Blueprint Cookbook.  It was a feast fit for a king - everyone cleaned their plates.

So the big takeaway from yesterday was that I was back to cravings and not to outright hunger - and re-remembering how to tell the difference.  What I used to do in the morning here at work was make my coffee and then toss in some organic heavy whipping cream - which satisfied me until lunchtime really easily.  And there's nothing wrong with that, except that now and again I'd grab a Hershey bar while brewing the coffee... (and of course, the cream is out for the Whole30 period while we see how I react to it again after the 30 days is over).

It's amazing how making the first exception on a day when I was unable to get to lunch and needed SOMETHING to eat led to a bad decision that kept compounding itself into a bad habit.  So Whole30 is partially about getting rid of those cravings again.

Day 4 has started well, despite a little less sleep than normal (our son frequently has trouble falling asleep and either my wife or I has to stay up while he nods off and stops bopping around upstairs, last night it was my turn).  Lunch is packed again and we're ready for another day!


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