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Floor time - It's not just for babies any more.

Nope.  It should be for everyone. Back in about 2002-3 at some point, I picked up doing Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning for my workouts.  I was doing a lot of Historical European Martial Arts (think realistic swordsmanship, wrestling, dagger work, etc.) and the guys I was practicing with swore by Furey's stuff as a great way to be in shape for such a discipline.  And I found that I absolutely loved it - to the point where even after I stopped doing the martial arts because of fatherhood demands, I kept doing the Combat Conditioning because I loved the simplicity of the workouts and their awesome effect on me. A couple of the new paradigms I had to accept with Combat Conditioning was that shoes weren't necessary while working out (in fact, they were downright discouraged), and that the fear of going below parallel when doing any sort of squats was pure bunk.  Furey pointed out that people all over the world used a squat to rest and they were nowhere near parallel when they

Why Start Now?

"Jamie, you've been following the Primal Blueprint since 2008... why are you starting this now?" Hi everyone, I'm Jamie Fellrath. As the above not-so-hypothetical question indicates, I've been following Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint plan since approximately 2008, with good success.  I went from being an underweight skinny competitive swimmer in high school (on a high-carb/low-to-moderate fat diet most of the time) to an overweight weekend warrior type athlete for many college and post-college years and was hovering around the 210 pound range for most of that time (all the way up to 240 at my worst, still on a similar diet). I'm now down to the 180-185 range (I'm 6'0") and feeling great about my body and most of my physical health.  I still have some stubborn belly fat that I'd like to shuck, but that's about it.  I'm active, I'm in good health, and I pretty much know the foods that give me issues.  And I know that when I ea