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On "Why Do I Always..."

I'm asking myself a very interesting question today that was sparked by a Twitter trending topic today:   #WhyDoIAlways .  People are using this topic to examine their lives to find habits that they have which have affected them either negatively or positively - but mostly negatively. Here are a couple of examples: #WhyDoiAlways end up solving every1's problems except my own????? — FaTimA♥ Made in IraQ (@TiMA_87) May 17, 2012 Or another one: #WhyDoiAlways go for the guys that are NOT good for me ? Im better than this ... — Planet F a i t h(@YouwantFaith) May 17, 2012 It's interesting, isn't it? I think every one of us could come up with a couple (dozen?) of these for ourselves. For me, one might be "#WhyDoIAlways find myself doing things at the last minute?"  or "#WhyDoIAlways allow myself to make the first exception when I'm trying to make changes in my life?" But...I'm curious about this trending topic from another stan