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A New Thought for Minimalist Footwear from Japan

Now I'm a real code ninja... About a month ago, I was bemoaning the fact that I needed some new shoes for work.  I could have just gone out to the local shoe store or department store and get a pair of inexpensive brown or black shoes to throw on (my office is business casual), but you could bet that the shoes weren't going to be the most comfortable things in the world, nor particularly good for the feet.  And to buy a pair of the currently available minimalist shoes like VivoBarefoot or something similar is in the $130-range, which I wanted to avoid for the time being. However... I was watching some Akira Kurosawa movies and I noticed the footwear that some of the samurai in it were wearing ( Yojimbo and Sanjuro , if you're interested).  And that led me to recalling some of the footwear I'd seen when I was taking martial arts when I was younger, particularly the Japanese shoes known as Tabi. Tabi are traditionally Japanese workers' boots.  They're prized for t

A Big Change...

As you may have noticed, things look a little different around here.  I've moved this blog off of Wordpress and over here to Blogger, where I have all my other blogs ( , Carless Columbus and Train 4 Autism - Columbus ).  The Wordpress thing was my experiment to try out that platform, and basically I didn't like it much, to the point of not posting over there as often as I should have.  Some of the comments were lost in the transfer, unfortunately, but mostly it all came through without a hitch.  I'm pleased.  So I hope you'll join us back over here at this incarnation of the site, and apologies to any I may have ticked off with the move.