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A little update to my menu above...

Hey everyone - just a note that I added a new page to my menu, above, called " What is Mindfulness? " It struck me that I had this nifty title for my blog but had never really defined what I feel mindfulness is for myself or for the purposes of this blog. So... I did. :) Hope you enjoy, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.  

Become a Minority to Increase Awareness

All my life, I've been sort of a rebel.  Not in the conventional sense (is there such a thing as a conventional rebel?), as in riding motorcycles and wearing black leather or dropping-out-turning-on types of ways, but in mindset.  As long as I can remember, I've enjoyed trying to think differently than everyone around me.  It's generally led to my living as a minority as regards many topics and mindsets. Just via my nature, I've been on the minority side of things a lot. I read the Communist Manifesto for fun when I was in high school, just to see what it was all about.   I used to wear kilts for fun on a pretty regular basis, and even organized a short-lived Columbus kilt-wearers group.   I listened to rap music back before it was in the mainstream.   I follow a very ancestrally-based diet - a variation of Paleo. That's led to some very interesting insights on life. One of those insights is that being a rebel against things that conventional wisdom h

More on Journaling: So many tools...

Journaling was long a habit that I wanted to pick up but just never did.  And it was never because I didn't believe in its worth, it was that I just never built the habit or found the proper method that worked best for me.  I'd start it for a while, be enthusiastic about it, and then lose the habit when something else came up and interrupted me.   That's all changed for me now, as I look forward each morning and night to journaling in my newest tool I've found.  But that search has clued me in to a ton of great journaling tools that might help you as you're looking for that great push to get you into the journaling habit!   The Five-Minute-Journal:    This is obviously   the one I've adopted .  It's simple, it's quick, and it does the trick.  I won't expand into stuff I've already talked about with this in the two posts I've done on this fantastic tool.  But let's talk about some of the other aspects of the Five-Minute Journal.