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Residual Income: What is it, and how can you earn it?

I've been talking a lot lately on Twitter , Facebook , and other places about Residual Income.  But what is Residual Income?  Is it real? Residual Income, simply put, is money that you earn whether you work or not.  This sounds way too good to be true, doesn't it?  Well.... it's not.  In fact, there's an industry you're probably very familiar with that pays residual income regularly: the entertainment industry. Every time someone sees a movie, whether on video or in the theater, people who were involved with the movie get a cut of whatever was paid for the privilege of seeing that movie.  Every time a song gets played on the radio, the band gets paid a little bit.  Sometimes these are called royalties, sometimes they're called residuals.  But they're all basically the same thing: Residual Income.  It's income that actors and moviemakers earn on an ongoing basis for work done once. So how can you earn Residual Income?  There are quite a few ways - o

Autism and Nutrition - My Experiences

One of the very important parts of my life is Autism.  Not for me, specifically, but for my son, Duncan. Duncan is five and was diagnosed with autism in late 2008 after a series of tests and evaluations we underwent with him.  My wife, Jennifer, and I knew something was up with him because he wasn't developing at the same rate as other kids his age. It wasn't that he was slow, he was faster in a lot of stuff but slower in others.  His memory was fantastic - he startled his daycare teachers by knowing all the planets, in order, when they were working on a solar system mural for their classroom.  And he learned his numbers and letters (and even shapes and animals) really early. But he had a lot of trouble with what we thought was hyperactivity, repetitive behavior, and inattention, and that was what led us to seek the help of the ECRN+.  Early Childhood Resource Network is an organization of the Central Ohio YMCA that helps families as they look for answers with their child

Sea Vegetables: the Answer to a Depleted Food Supply?

There's been a lot of interesting discussion in the health and nutrition media the past couple of years about how the nutritional value of our food supply has been deteriorating due to the massive amount of demand on our soil. Multiple crops per year in a field, a lack of "fallow" time on a field to allow it to replenish some of those nutrients that went into the previous crop, and the preponderance of Genetically Modified Organisms in our food crops has led to a food supply that is less nutritious than we've ever had. Even if you're eating what are traditionally the "right foods" - vegetables, fruits, fish, meats, and nuts - the nutritional value of those foods is considerably less than that which sustained us for most of our history.  And it's only getting worse. So how do we combat this?  One of the big suggestions is via the use of sea vegetables as food.  Do a search on the internet for sea vegetables and you'll find a lot of great inf

Upcoming Goals

One big goal of mine is to compete in and complete all the obstacles at the Spartan Race in Boston, on August 28, 2010. The Spartan Race is described on their webpage as follows: The Spartan Race is for athletes and people who are tired of the tedium of the usual races and workouts and yearn to recapture the spirit of an adventurous age. This international race is set up to test not only the strength and stamina but the cunning and creativity of each athlete’s warrior essence. Participants will confront obstacles ranging from extreme to absurd that gain their inspiration from sources as varied as Spartan training, Navy SEAL training, American Gladiators, Eco-Challenge and Ironman. If you win a Spartan Race, you're invited to the "Death Race" in Pittsfield, VT, in October - where there's a longer version of this sort of race. As I said, my goal is simply to complete all the obstacles and not come in last in my heat.  My challenge, then, is to get my body to the p

Welcome to

Welcome to my page.  My goal here is to share a bit about me, what I do, what my passions are, and where I'm going with my goals and plans.  I invite you to contact me via one the links on my many websites if you have questions on any of these things.  I would love to help you get healthier and wealthier and live a life that you want to live! I am creating residual income with Club 100K .  I invite you to join my network today and see what Club 100K can do for you to help you create income of $100,000 per year or even per month ! I've also set up a  Google Wave chat  for anyone interested in discussing strategies and asking questions about Club 100K or  Life Force .  Let me know if you need a Google Wave invitation, and I hope to see you there! I've been bike commuting as my main form of transportation since November of 2006, and writing my blog Bike Commuting in Columbus since February of 2006.  I'm a Cycling Instructor with the League of American Bicyclists a