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On Realizing Your Progress

India - Chennai - Inspirational wall slogans 01 Originally uploaded by mckaysavage I was listening to the  Morning Coach  podcast this morning as I always do, and the topic of the day was Freedom and Lifestyle.  One of the points that JB made today was that a good way to get the freedom and lifestyle you want was to always be working on something and learning on the side while you do your day job.  Another great source of how to do this is Gary Vaynerchuk's book  Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion . Both speak to living your passion and learning and experiencing everything you can about it on the side so that at some point you're ready to break away and do what you love. I've been doing just this thing for a while, as many of you may know, with  an internet marketing business  I've become part of.  And I've been doing my reading and experimenting with different ideas as I go along, just like anything else.  But it wasn't till today tha

On Having More Hope For My Autistic Son Than Ever Before

Over the weekend, the University of Notre Dame (my alma mater) was playing Purdue in the first football game of the year. I was enjoying the game, watching with my son, and then this advertisement for the University came on. Autism // Fighting For // University of Notre Dame I was moved nearly to tears to know that my alma mater was working to help Duncan with his challenges in life. Thank you, Dr. Joshua Diehl, and all your staff for the work you're doing.