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Following Your Interests Versus Finding Your Passion

Perhaps the cubicle world isn't right for everyone. One of the pieces of advice you'll frequently hear from people who know you're looking for a career path or vocation is that you need to figure out what you're interested in, and you'll find the job for you.  For many people, that's very solid advice.  Finding that interest can give you the clarity you need to move forward with your plans for living.   But it's not solid advice for everyone.  Some of us don't have just one interest.  Or we don't have an interest that transfers well into a regular 9-to-5 job.  In these cases, that advice can cause a lot of consternation and misunderstanding.  Sure, the advice-givers certainly mean well - they're trying to help you succeed in the "real world," a world where people have jobs and that's how they make their living.   I remember a time when I was in high school, we took a survey of our interests and the like and the results

Meditation - Calm the Mind, Release the Pain

Today's post is going to be a little bit "out there" for some of you, but it's a technique that I've found to be particularly helpful in reducing a lot of pain and stress in my life.  This is not some sort of new-age guru type stuff - this is practical relaxation of the body and mind. This week on , our mentor J.B. Glossinger has been discussing stress and peace.  And that made me think that this would be an excellent time for me to share the way that I've been meditating (though not with any sort of regularity until this week) for years. I learned this technique from Matt Furey when I was doing his Combat Conditioning program (which, if you're into good hard workouts that don't take long and you can do anywhere, is absolutely first-rate).  Matt is not only a top-notch fitness expert, but he also has experimented with a ton of different visualization exercises, Chinese wellness techniques, and more.  His recommendation is as follo