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What We Can Get Away With Vs. What is BEST

Always reach high for yourself! The next time you watch TV, I want you to pay attention to the commercials a bit.  You'll be watching for subtext here.  Try to figure out how many of those commercials are trying to tell you that you can "get away with" something? For instance:  low-fat/low-carb snack ads are notorious for this.  "You can have all the flavor and none of the calories."  It's an amazing call for trying to see what you can get away with, with no consequences. Well, here's the problem:  there are always consequences.  And this isn't specifically a diet, health, or nutrition phenomenon at all - this is an issue with everything. No matter what we do in life, we are always making a choice.  And that choice is:  are we doing something in an attempt to keep going the way we are, and not make positive changes?  Or are we doing something because it absolutely is a positive change and will make us better? Too often we get into the min

Now Blogging at!

Hey everyone - Just FYI, I'm also doing posts over at on their blog page .  I've just started this gig (well, last month) and will be doing at least two posts/month there. You should be following that blog in its entirety, anyway, as lots of my friends are posting wonderful and sometimes very personal content over there! Blog