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World Autism Awareness Day

Hi everyone, today's post is a little more personal than I've posted in the past.  Today is World Autism Awareness Day , and I wanted to ask a bit of a favor of you:  remember autism.   From recent reports , this condition now affects 1 child in 88 born today (1 in 54 boys). And honestly, it's the little things that really help the most: If you see a mom having trouble with her child in a store, when the child is throwing a tantrum or simply not listening, it's possible that mother is dealing with an autistic child who's having a sensory meltdown.  This happens when the kid's senses are out of whack, making them hypersensitive to some stimuli (various noises, too much visual activity, even the feeling of some clothing fabrics or textures of foods can be triggers) and it actually causes them pain. If you see a parent throwing a fit because the food her child received at a restaurant contains gluten or casein, keep in mind that omitting those proteins may be what&