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Low-carb/Gluten-free helps with ADHD in study

The ADHD Research Centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands has some interesting things to say about the treatment of children with ADHD: Diet can do it. Medscape, a website affiliated with WebMD , reports on a study by the Centre where groups of children with ADHD symptoms and behaviors were tested on their reaction to an elimination diet. The study included 100 children with ADHD, all of whom were checked for allergic reactions to foods before the study began.  Half were placed into a control group, half into a test group where their diet was limited to "mainly rice, meat vegetables, pears, and water, complemented with potatoes, fruits, and wheat."  And all the children were monitored by their parents for behavior changes. Now here's the interesting part:  after 2 weeks, 41 of the children in the test group were showing no changes, so the diet was limited even more to rice, meat, vegetables, pears, and water.  Notice what was left out:  gluten and fructose via the wheat and

Art De Vany, Robb Wolf present Paleo lifestyle on ABC's Nightline

If you could get past all the useless entertainment news rigamarole last night, you might have caught a segment on ABC's Nightline where Paleo gurus Art De Vany and Robb Wolf were able to present the Paleo lifestyle to a mainstream audience.  They did a great job, and even though the presenter was a bit mesmerized by the whole thing, I thought it was fair and presented things really well. I don't have the link to the original Nightline broadcast, but here's a YouTube video of the segment.  Thanks Art and Robb for all you do!