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On Losing A Voice For Hope Where It's Truly Needed

To continue a discussion I started on Facebook about the cancellation of Breakthrough With Tony Robbins : This saddens me. Breakthrough with Tony Robbins is a great show. It's about Tony Robbins helping people help themselves, which is what people really need to see. I mean, I like shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition as much as the next sap, but those shows are still about giving stuff away, period. Tony's show helps people solve their own problems and in the process gives advice on how to do it for yourself.   And it can't get an audience.   Why do you think that is? Is it because some people see Robbins as a huckster who made money on infomercials, even though his products work and are proven to do so? Or is it because people don't want to be told that they can fix their own problems?  Or is it some other reason?   Discuss.  Please. I'm really curious about this.