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Learning from Special Needs kids

Frequently, we get caught in the trap of trying so hard to "fix" the problems with our kids that we ignore the lessons we could learn from them.  And this is particularly the case with special needs kids of all types. As you probably know if you're been reading this blog for a while, my son, Duncan, is autistic and we're working with him to help him beat some of the challenges he has.  But at the same time, it's very interesting to watch him do things and react to things in a way that's filled with instinct and id. For example, Duncan makes no bones about it when he's tired and wants to rest.  His body is telling him to do so and he's going to do it, by gum.  How many of us could take a lesson from this?  Instead of constantly driving hard and trying to achieve all the time, we need to listen to our bodies and take breaks when we need to. Another example that I really love (and especially given my reading I've done on places like Mark's Daily A

Americans and Social Media - WE LOVE IT!

Mashable did a really interesting post about Americans and their use of social media that I thought I'd share.  They looked at how people use it, where they use it, what they talk about, and the sheer numbers of people who are using it. It seems to reveal some very interesting things about America - more in a "you sort of knew it but never had anyone tell you straight out" way than in a "whoa, I didn't know that" way. Americans like to talk about television shows and let people know what they're watching.   Around half of Americans are on a social network of some kind.   Americans, on average, are playing social networking games for 15 minutes per day, or around two weeks per year.   Americans overwhelmingly like to use social media to make product recommendations.   Americans also like following favorite brands and companies online.   An average 9% of Americans' social media "friends" are college buddies and 22% are from hig