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Autism Speaks Explores Connection Between Breastfeeding and Autism

Autism Speaks , one of the nation's largest autism advocacy and fundraising groups for autistic individuals, addressed a question today that many mothers ask about possible reasons that their children may or may not be autistic: that of breastfeeding. Autism Speaks: Breastfeeding and Autism Risk Obviously, breastfeeding has many benefits for a child - the passing of healthy probiotic bacteria and antibodies to help boost the new human's immune system, plenty of healthy fat for the development of the brain, general nutrients for survival, and plenty more.  And the article responsibly mentions this benefit to infant health. The article goes on to provide a search of PubMed for the many breastfeeding and autism-related studies that have taken place.  And then it very wisely and responsibly mentions that many of these studies do not prove anything, relying more on correlation than causation, pointing out a number of possible variables that could feed into that correlation and makin

Get Your MovNat On With MovNat Ohio on March 9th

For whatever reason, I've never mentioned MovNat here on , but I'm going to do so now.  Because MovNat Ohio , the very first MovNat gym in the world, is offering up a 1-day Fundamentals Workship on March 9th, and I want YOU to come! MovNat is a system created by Erwan Le Corre, which returns us to the roots of natural movement and trains us to move like our ancestors did.  In many ways, modern life has taken away our natural knowledge of how to move via modern introductions of things like padded shoes, chairs, roads, etc.  And while all these things have arguably helped us develop into the civilization we are today, they've also taken quite a few things away from us:  health, mobility, strength, and a connection with the world. MovNat is out to change that.  Breaking down human movement into twelve types, (things like walking, running, crawling, climbing, jumping, swimming, etc.) and figuring out the most bodily efficient and optimal ways to do those twe