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Whole 30 Days 12-14 - Starting to Feel It!

One of the reasons I went on this Whole 30 was that I felt the need to really tighten up my diet after a few months of being MOSTLY Paleo/Primal, but erring a little too close to the 80% as far as 80/20 goes.  Eating not-so-Paleo stuff wasn't affecting me as much as I'd thought it should, basically - my system was becoming deadened to a great extent and I felt I was heading back to the way I was feeling pre-Primal Blueprint.

I LIKE feeling Paleo - knowing that I'm doing what I can to take in the best food and live in the healthiest way possible.  And I like knowing that my body is going to give me a gastric "Nuh-uh" when I eat something that shouldn't be in there.

So over the weekend, I did my best to eat clean and within Whole 30 guidelines.  Friday was a typical day, sardines/salad for lunch and dinner was the Godlike Baked Chicken recipe from FastPaleo.  Plenty left for the rush of swim lessons night for Duncan this evening.

Saturday our family was volunteering at the Cap City Half Marathon in a cheer station for our charity, Train 4 Autism.  So morning was fried eggs in coconut oil and coffee, and fairly early, too (before 7:00).  Saturday afternoon, after the race, we went to the Claddagh Irish Pub, where I had roast duck slices with veggies on the side - carrots, summer squash, and zucchini.  Dinner was a mess of smoked pork ribs from our local barbecue food truck, Ray-Ray's Hog Pit. Delicious.

However, Sunday told me that something about yesterday's meal wasn't so great... in a gastric way.  Suffice to say that I spent some extra time in the bathroom at around mid afternoon.  And my eating on that day was good - eggs, coffee, some leftover brisket (my wife's order from Ray-Ray's) for lunch, and then burgers with salsa (thanks Mom!) and salad for dinner.  So I'm thinking that Claddagh must have put something into the veggies that I didn't expect - or WANT.

But to me, that's a good sign.  It shows that I'm healing my body and getting back to where I want to be - more sensitive about food quality and ingredients and knowing that my body will tell me when I'm screwing it up.  And that was my whole goal.

So as I sit here on Day 15, halfway through this experience of doing the Whole 30, I can tell that it's already worthwhile.  It's just gonna get better from here!


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